Moss Valley Primary Academy pupils




Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Hello! We’re year 3! We love learning and having discussion about BIG questions. We will be learning lots this half term!

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Reading at Home

We take reading very seriously in Year 3. Four days of the week, we do a ‘Big Read’ lesson, focusing in depth on a book, and answering questions around it. In these lessons, all children are given the opportunity to read aloud, and answer questions. Our 5th day is spent on reading wise to help improve our reading fluency.

Children will also bring a reading book home from school, as well as a free choice book from ‘The Book Hut’ or class library. Children are expected to read at home each night with an adult. When a child reads at home and completes a book, they can then complete a quiz on accelerated reader. The more quizzes passed, the higher the word count. For each quiz passed children will receive a raffle ticket to be entered into our class draw at the end of the week. Children will also be rewarded with certificates and prizes when they reach certain milestones for their word counts. These will be celebrated during our Friday assembly.


Children can access a range of online home learning tools to aid with homework. They will have homework set on seesaw on Thursday which should be completed by the following Friday. They can also access TTrockstars, numbots and reading wise at home to earn coins and tokens for their timestables and reading practise.


PE days for Year 3 are currently Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child wears the correct PE kit for their lessons. This is as follows:

Plain white t-shirt

Plain black shorts

Plain black joggers (for colder weather)

Plain black hoody or jumper (for colder weather)

Trainers or black pumps.

Snacks & Water Bottles

Children should bring their own water bottle into school each day.

We also invite children to bring a healthy snack to eat at play time, for example, a cereal bar or a piece of fruit.


Our maths focuses this year will be:


·        Place Value within 1000

·        Addition and Subtraction

·        Angles and properties of shape


·        Multiplication and division

·        Time

·        Length and perimeter

·        Fractions


·        Fractions

·        Mass and capacity

·        Money

·        Statistics

Here is how we organise our Maths teaching across the week to ensure breadth and depth:

Monday- arithmetic lesson (4 functions, methods practise)

Tuesday- Power Maths Non-number day (lessons on shape, time, measure, graphs and tables, angles etc.)

Weds-Fri- Power Maths Number lessons (place value, 4 functions, decimals, fractions, percentages etc.)


We use ready, steady write to teach our English lessons. This is a text based approach and follows the writing cycle:





Our English focuses this year will be:


The Iron Man

-        Approaching threat narrative

-        Trap explanation

The Fox

-        Fable narrative

-        Information report


The Rhythm of the Rain

-        Setting narrative

-        Information leaflet

Jemmy Button

-        Return narrative

-        Letter



-        Mystery narrative

-        Secret diary

Into the Forest 

-        Lost narrative

-        Newspaper report


The science topics that we will cover this year are:

·        Rocks and Fossils

·        Forces and Magnets

·        Animals including humans

·        Light

·        Plants