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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! We are really looking forward to getting to know the children and establishing our goals for Year 6. Please read below for all the fun and exciting units of study we will be learning this term. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask one of the Year 6 team.

Meet the Team
Name Role
Mrs Johnson Class Teacher (Wednesday - Friday)
Mrs Pugh Class Teacher (Monday - Tuesday)
Mrs Cox HLSA

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Reading at Home

Your child will always have a book from our reading scheme and either a book from the class library or ‘Book Hut’. We expect them to read at home at least three times a week, however aiming for five reads will really help your child to progress. Once your child has finished reading a book, they can complete a quiz on accelerated reader. The more quizzes they pass, the higher their word count will be. The children earn certificates and rewards for increased their word counts. Dojo points are also awarded for children who meet these reading targets. A prize draw also takes place each half term for the chance to win a reward for effort with home reading.


As well as home reading, your child should be working in their times table booklet daily. We expect them to complete a page each week focusing on a times table of their choice. On a Thursday each week, homework will be added to Seesaw and should be completed before the following Thursday. This homework will be related to something that the child will be studying in class that week. As well as this, your child has a list of logins for other websites that they can access from home including Reading Wise, Active Learn and Times Tables Rock Stars. Any additional work they can complete on these platforms will be extremely beneficial.


PE will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday in Year 6. We expect your child to have their full kit with them on these days, which consists of: black shorts, white T-shirt and a pair of pumps.

Water Bottles

We encourage your child to bring their own water bottle into school each day. These can be refilled throughout the day as needed.


Year 6 will be looking at these areas in Maths.

Autumn Term

·         Place value within 10,000,000

·         Four operations

·         Fractions

·         Measures – imperial and metric

Spring Term

·         Ratio and proportion

·         Algebra

·         Decimals

·         Percentage

·         Measures – perimeter, area and volume

Summer Term

·         Statistics

·         Geometry – properties of shapes

·         Geometry – position and direction

·         Problem solving

This is how we organise our maths teaching across the week to ensure breadth and depth:

·         Monday - arithmetic lesson (4 functions, methods practise)

·         Tuesday - Power Maths non-number day (lessons on shape, time, measure, graphs and tables, angles etc.)

·         Wednesday-Friday - Power Maths number lessons (place value, 4 functions, decimals, fractions, percentages etc.)


Year 6 will be looking at these areas in English.

Autumn Term

Text: Rose Blanche

Writing Outcomes: Diary, Bravery Award Speech

Text: A Story Like the Wind

Writing Outcomes: Flashback Narrative, Newspaper Report


Spring Term

Text: On the Origins of Species

Writing Outcomes: Discovery Narrative, Explanation

Text: The Ways of the Wolf

Writing Outcomes: Documentary Narrative, Balanced Argument


Summer Term


Text: Shackleton’s Journey

Writing Outcomes: Endurance Narrative, Biography

Text: Hansel and Gretel

Writing Outcomes: Dual Narrative, Persuasive Letter


We use Ready, Steady Write to teach our English lessons. This is a text-based approach and follows the writing cycle:

Immerse – Analyse – Plan - Draft


Year 6 will be looking at these areas in Science.

·         Living things and their habitats

·         Electricity

·         Evolution 

·         Light

·         Animals including humans