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Communication With Parents

Parent/Carer Volunteers

Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.

Our volunteers cover a range of duties from reading with the children, supporting writing, reading activities, producing displays, assisting on school trips and attending swimming sessions. The children enjoy having new adults in their classrooms and volunteers have been invaluable to both Teachers and Learning Support Assistants.

Our volunteers find their experience in school both useful and highly rewarding.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please speak to the school office on 0161 464 0695 or e-mail

Jargon Buster for Parents

Achievement - Describes both attainment i.e the level achieved and the progress you have made from a starting point. 

AfL - Assessment for Learning
Assessment for Learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there.

APP - Assessing Pupils’ Progress
APP is a structured approach to periodically assessing maths, science, reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.

AST - Advanced Skills Teacher

ATL - Association of Teachers and Lecturers

Attainment - The actual level attained and/or results.

Attainment Targets - A general defined level of ability that a pupil is expected to achieve in every subject at each key stage in the National Curriculum.

Blending - To draw individual sounds together to pronounce a word, e.g. f l a p, blended together, reads flap

CiC - Children in Care

CLA - Children Looked After

Core Subjects - English, maths and science: all pupils must study these subjects up to Key Stage 4

CPD - Continuing Professional Development

Creative Curriculum - There are numerous different interpretations exist for the concept ‘the creative curriculum’. In some schools it means topics or themes, in others it means asking children what they want to learn.

CSS - Children’s Support Service, this is the new name for Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)

DBS - Disclosure & Barring Service
DBS refers to the new agency created out of a merger between the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), its full title is The Disclosure and Barring Service. The checks and information provided will remain the same but will be branded DBS Checks.

DfE - Department for Education
Differentiation – a wide variety of teaching techniques and lesson adaptations that teachers use to pupils of differing abilities in the same class.

EAL - English as an additional language

EBacc - English Baccalaureate

EBD - Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

EHC Plan - Educational Health Care Plan
An education, health and care plan is a document that says what support a child or young person who has special educational needs should have. “

EMTAS - Ethnic Minority & Traveller Achievement Service

ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages or English as a Second or Other Language
If English is not your main language you can take part in a course to help you improve your English. These courses are called ESOL.

EWO - Education Welfare Officer

EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage. A framework of care and Education for children from borth to fiver years of age. This stage typically means Nursery and Reception Classes.

FFT - Fischer Family Trust

FSM - Free School Meals

FTE - Full Time Equivalent

G & T - Gifted and Talented
Gifted are those with high ability in one or more academic subject and the talented are those with high ability in sport, music, visual or performing arts.

GCSE - General Certificate of Secondary Education

HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

HMI - Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools

ICT - Information and Communication Technology

IEP - Individual Education Plan for SEN pupils

iGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Inclusion - Removing barriers in learning so all pupils can participate at their own level.

INSET - In Service Education and Training
Training for staff which takes place during the school year.

ISA - Independent Safeguarding Authority

ITT - Initial Teacher Training

IWB - Interactive Whiteboard